Card Captor Sakura by CLAMP

Scard-captor-sakuraakura is anything but ordinary. She is kind, thoughtful, athletic, and genuine. Oh, and she happens to be the mistress of the Clow, a book of powerful magic guarded by the beast Kerberos.

The problem is that the cards normally contained within the Clow are scattered about causing havoc and the book’s other guardian, Yue, is also missing. According to Kero-chan, Sakura must collect all the cards in order to save the world from a disaster.

Aiding Sakura in her quest is her best friend Tomoyo. With her adoration for Sakura rivaled only by her passion for beautiful costumes, Tomoyo insures Sakura captures cards in style and on video whenever possible, leading to many humorous moments.

sakurashunen_1Matters become more complicated when Syaoran Li, a Chinese born descendant of Clow Reed, arrives to challenge Sakura’s status as Mistress of the Clow. The cast of characters is rounded out nicely with strong supporting roles by Sakura’s father, brother Toya, and Toya’s best friend, Yuki, on whom Sakura has a crush. Periphery characters like Sakura’s teacher and her wider circle of classmates are well-rounded and distinct.

Rife with problem-solving scenarios, complex emotions, heart-felt dialogue, hilarious character quirks, and nuanced storytelling, this is a superior manga. It deserves a much wider audience than the pre-teen girls it will appeal to most strongly. The anime is equally as excellent though there are slight variations in plot.


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