Friends for Life by Andrew Norriss (2015)

When he came out of school at three fifteen and saw Jessica waiting for simon the bench, Francis’s first feeling was one of relief. A part of him had half expected to discover that the meeting at lunchtime had been some sort of delusion, and the sight of Jessica, waiting as she had promised, was oddly reassuring (p 8).

JessicaJessica’s ghost wondered directionless until Francis saw her. The two became close friends and soon stumble across two more children who can also interact with Jessica. Discovering the similarity that allows these children to commune with Jessica’s ghost and revealing the circumstances of Jessica’s death will change their lives forever.

The supernatural concept will attack and entrance readers, while the story’s psychological explorations will take readers to unexpected but nuanced depths. Bulling, loneliness, despair, suicide, and friendship are deftly explored in this coming of age novel that will undoubtable resonate with many young readers.

Library copy | First published in the United Kingdom as Jessica’s Ghost by David Fickling Books | 978-0545851862 | 231 pages | Ages 10+


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