Magic Knight Rayearth by CLAMP (1993)


Three young school girls are transported to an alternate world in this shojo manga created by CLAMP (Card Captor Sakura, Clover, Chobits)

MagicKnightRayearthHikaru, Umi and Fuu never met until the fateful day they all visit Tokyo Tower on school trips. In a bright flash of light, they alone hear a young woman’s plea, “Save Cephiro, Legendary Magic Knights!” Instantly, the ground beneath them disappears and they are falling from the sky in an unknown place.

They are saved and greeted by master mage Clef, who immediately sets them on their adventure. Evolving armor and swords, giant machin (machines), and a cute companion (marshmallow/rabbit Mokono) aid them in completing their quest, though the ending is far less satisfying than the girls anticipated.

Beautiful artwork and a fast-pace narrative in an omnibus collection, this is a staple of Japanese shojo (magical girl) mange not to be missed.

Dark Horse Manga | ISBN 978-1595825889 | $19.99 | Ages 10 +


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