A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn (2014)

You will remember what I said about the girls who vanish into the woods not ever finding their way back home. It’s true. It was true for Annel, and it’s true for almost all the girls who skip off into the trees.
Almost all but not quite (p 39).

moonlightYoung Marni is a child of two worlds: the daughter of a princess – forsaken by the kingdom and murdered by her own brother, Marni’s Uncle – and the dragon of the forest – a being of myth and magic that is rumored to lure young girls into the forest and grant them their heart’s desire.

Now on the cusp of adulthood, the forest beckons to Marni. Only her Gramps, the former king and Marni’s sole companion, keeps her tethered to the human world. When he dies suddenly, Marni must decide between the freedom of nothingness offered by the forest and her rightful place as heir to the throne.

The rhythmic, poetic prose work an enchantment on the reader in this mesmerizing tale. Marni’s voice is strong and gossamer like a spider’s web. She has quickly become on of my favorite female characters for her charming vernacular, strong voice and independent spirit. Secondary characters comes to life vividly yet their descriptions allowed my imagination to run riot. I smelled the pine and longed to be a creature of the forest one moment and felt suffocated by the encroaching woods the next.

Well done. Deep fantasy for the soul. Highly recommended.


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