Legend by Marie Lu (2011)

Rumor has it that Day once scaled five stories in less than eight seconds. If the Republic’s most-wanted criminal can pull that off, then how are we ever going to catch him if we’re not just as fast? And if we can’t even catch him, how are we going to win the war?

LegendIt’s a future North America where the United States is no longer. Instead, the Republic forms the western front, clashing for land with the Colonies who hold the eastern front with a waterfront line starting in Texas (and splitting the state) running north along the eastern edge of Colorado and the Dakotas.

June is a prodigy, a young fighter who scored a perfect mark on her Trial test. She’s analytical, physically strong and cunning (think River Tam from Firefly/Serenity). Then there’s Day, who failed his Trial, lives on the fringes and disrupts the Republic’s war efforts at every turn.

When June’s brother, Metias, is murdered during a raid by Day, June is tasked with hunting down her brother’s killer. Her mission will bring her into the underworld of the Republic and have her questioning everything she’s been taught.

An enjoyable read that follows a familiar structure but manages to engage none-the-less.


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