The Walking Dead: Volume 1: Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore (2010)

The Walking DeadA colleague of mine lured me into watching the AMC adaptation of this adult graphic novel about eight months ago. I just finished watching season 4 via Netflix and began tuning in to the live broadcast of the new season. What began as a frightening foray into the horror genre (something I usually avoid) has continues to induce fear but also delightful. Impatient now for more, I am turning to the graphic novel to keep me satiated between Sunday evening viewings.

The TV show expands upon the graphic novel in many ways. Daryl Dixon, one of my favorites, does not exist in the graphic novel. Shane’s story line was expanded and improved upon but was, perhaps, too drawn out in the TV show but it certainly provided additional conflict. There are a lot of characters I’m looking forward to meeting all over again as I continue reading.

It  will be tough to read on considering Daryl’s absence but I’m looking forward to where the story takes me and I’m grateful for the black and white illustrations. The show’s makeup artists are exceptional but it’s a bit much at times. I hope that doesn’t mean I would be an easy zombie target…

Library Copy | 9781582406725 | Image Comics, Inc. | Adult Graphic Novel


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