Vanish by Sophia Jordan (2011)

vanishJacinda, her mother and sister, Tamra, find themselves back at square one. Having revealed her dragon side to her boyfriend, Will, and his dragon-hunting family, Jacinda seeks sanctuary in the home she and her family abandoned at the begining of Firelight. Because of Jacinda’s rare fire-breathing talent, she is granted a second (but closely monitored) chance. Then Tamra manifests an ability as rare and precious as Jacinda’s.

Most of the book putters around and not much happens. After Jacinda is forced to bond with Cassian, the pride’s heir apparent, the hunters arrive. At the conclusion, Jacinda, Will, and Cassian set out to rescue Cassian’s younger sister from a hunter compound. What can I say about this series? Great covers but the worst kind of food for my brain. But, hey, everyone needs a funnel cake now and then.


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