Heroes of Olympus: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan (2012)

markofathenaAll seven of the main characters from the first two Heroes of Olympus tomes unite to stop Gaea’s minnions from killing Nico Di Angelo and razing Rome. Meanwhile, the Roman and Greek demigod camps prepare for war against each other due to a slight misunderstanding – while possessed by evil spirits, Leo Valdez fires on the Roman demigod camp with his warship.

Adventure ensues, set against a ticking clock. Various gods and monsters enter and exit. Detours are followed and mini-quests are filled. The template remains the same. The character development is slow because we’ve all come to know the prinicipal characters so well (and let’s face it, the gods aren’t going to have an epiphany and suddenly become smpathetic or helpful) but kids will eat this one up just as they enjoyed the previous books in the series.


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