The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane by Joseph DeLaney (2005)

When I heard the first scream, I turned away and covered my ears with my hands, pressing hard until my head hurt. At that moment I could do nothing to help. But I could still heard it, the sound of a priest in torment, and it went on for a long time before finally fading away (p 1).

curseofbaneThe second book in The Last Apprentice series takes our young hero and his master to Priestown where a horrible creature lurks in a labyrinthine catacomb and a vicious, sadistic Quisitor hunts and kills ‘evil,’ including spooks. The young witch with pointy-shoes, Alice, returns and plays a crucial role in helping our Spooks battle the Bane. A good follow-up to the series opener, Revenge of the Witch, but the third book, Night of the Soul Stealer, is what has hooked me on the series. Highly recommended.

Library copy | Greenwillow Books | ISBN 9780060766221 | Ages 10+ | 455 pages


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