The Tapestry: The Maelstrom by Henry Neff (2012)

maelstromNeff adds another page turning adventure to his Tapestry series. Max has just returned from Bliss to find many refugees seeking shelter outside Rowan Academy. Astaroth has been weakened by David Menlo but according to Elias Brom (David’s father), Astaroth is still the biggest threat to this world. Meanwhile, demon hordes are gathering, attempting to consolidate power in Astaroth’s absence. Prusias is the greatest of these threats.

The fate of Rowan is in the hands of David, Max and Mina (the young girl Max saved in the previous book). Can they turn away the thousands of demons intent on destroying Rowan Academy and enslaving its students? With the Workshop helping Prusias, how can they thwart the combined demon/technology threat? Or must they turn to Astaroth who is prepared to help, for a price. And Max’s great destiny is alluded to but not fulfilled. What power lies dormant in him?

Eagerly awaiting the next book, coming Fall 2013.

Netgalley ebook | October 23, 2012 | Random House Children’s Books | 480 pages | ISBN 9780375957079 | Ages 10 +


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