Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore (2012)

bitterblueBitterblue is a character introduced in Cashore’s debut YA novel, Graceling. She is a young girl then, saved by Katsa, a graceling with the ability to survive. Bitterblue’s mother was murdered by her father, Leck, the king of Monsea. Blitterblue takes place eight years after Graceling. Bitterblue is now a queen attempting to heal her people.

So this was one of those books I was eagerly anticipating and I believe my experience suffered because of it. Over-hyped it to myself. It is more juvenile in content than Cashore’s earlier books because Bitterblue is a such a young, niave character who faced predictable obstacles and follows a similarly predictable path.

The romance here is also young and not very engrossing. Nothing like the sparks between Katsa and Po or Fire and Brigand. And so much of the narrative suffers because the main characters are unreliable. Leck has tampered with their memories. They are damaged. It’s too long by half as well.

The saving grace is Death (pronounced Deeth), the Librarian. Love Death. And I enjoyed seeing the folks from the Dells. It was like an (overly long) epilogue to Fire.


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