The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate (2012)

Humans speak too much. They chatter like chimps, crowding the world with their noise even when they have nothing to say.

It took me some time to recognize all those human sounds, to weave words into things. But I was patient.

Patient is a useful way to be when you’re an ape.

Gorillas are as patient as stones. Humans, not so much (p 3).

One and Only IvanIvan is a mall/video arcade attraction. He and Stella (an elephant in the adjacent cage) and Bob (a free and wild little dog) are a little family, finding comfort from their dreary lives in each other. When Ruby, a baby elephant is purchased by Mack, their owner, Stella’s spirit breaks and she extracts a promise out of Ivan before she dies – get Ruby out.

With help from Julia, the custodian’s daughter, Ivan sets out to get Ruby placed in a Zoo, the “place where humans make amends” (p 166).

Through Ivan’s strong, clear narrative voice, Applegate crafts and straight-forward and highly readable animal rights novel. Intermittent pictures compliment the artistic theme. Ivan is an artist and it is through his pictures that he liberates Ruby and himself, though he doesn’t focus on his own fate. Bob is the spunky comic relief. A book that many children will enjoy.

It reminded me of Ishmael by Daniel Quinn… but for kids. It will poke at them and challenge their perception of themselves (as humans) and animals but in a very basic way. I’m including it in my Mock Newbery 2013 discussion.


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