Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (2005)

“But although I was not really reluctant to rush to the rescue, I couldn’t help but thinking that we were asking a bit much of Dutifully Dashing Dexter this evening, weren’t we? No sooner out of it than I had to go right back in again” (185).

dearly_devoted_dexterThe Miami Metro Police are asked to step aside when a particularly gruesome Doctor Danco leaves a completely dismembered man alive but insane and completely helpless. Doakes, hard on Dexter’s heals, is connected to Danco through his former special forces military unit does and not escape the knife, freeing Dexter to unleash his Dark Passenger.

In the course of the book, Dexter finds himself engaged to Rita, quite by accident. Instead of explaining, he simply goes along with it. His normal guy cover is now complete. But what about Cody, Rita’s quiet but strange child. There is a Darkness there and Dexter is eager to apprentice him.


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