Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris (2011)

Jannalynn had killed people, but I had, too. Maybe I judged her as violent because she sometimes seemed to enjoy the killing. THe idea that I might be like Jannalynn at heart–how many people did I want dead?–was another downer. Surely the day had to get better (p 142)?

charlaine_harris_dead_reckoningIn resolving one crisis, Sookie lands in another, greater crisis. This time, she and Eric are suffering under Victor’s thumb. Pam is caught in the middle (conveniently in love with a dying woman she would like to turn). Victor, as regent of Louisiana, denies Pam the right to turn Miriam. Hence, Victor must die.

Meanwhile, someone is attacking Merlot’s. Sookie has too many enemies to pin it on one person, but she is certain she is the target. I guessed correctly that Sandra Pelt (synonomous with Debbie Pelt) was to blame.

All is not well in Sookie and Eric’s paradise as the curtain closes. Their bond is broken, Eric is betrothed to the Queen of Arkansas, and Bill is sneaking in to Sookie’s heart. What will this mean for the forthcoming Deadlocked (May 1, 2012)?


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