All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris (2007)

I knew Eric was beside me before he spoke, because I felt less terrified. He knelt down to my level. Quinn was concentrating on not yelling, so his eyes were shut as though he was unconscious and there was still lots of action going on all around me. But Eric was next to me, and I felt… not exactly calm, but not upset. Because he was there (p 221).

alltogetherdeadEric and Sookie share blood once again as the two are in attendance at a vampire conference. In this episode, readers learn more about the Queen and her entourage, we see Bill’s hokey computer program selling like hot cakes and the Fellowship strike a huge blow against the vamps. Sookie once again saves the day but not before a lot of damage is done. Eric is injured, the Queen loses her legs (though they might grow back – weird), and Quinn kills Andre in the chaos. Very exciting stuff.

Sookie swears off vamps once again in an attempt to stay out of trouble but I doubt it will hold. Eric is increasingly interested in Sookie and Quinn looks like he’s ready to back off.


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