Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris (2002)

livingdeadindallasBack in Bon Temps, Lafayette has been killed by a maenad and left in the back seat of Andy Bellefleur’s car. Sookie is later attacked and sent as message to Eric. Once Eric cares for Sookie, she is given a job.

When Sookie was brought before Eric in Dead Until Dark to help catch a thief at Fangtasia, she struck a deal; her mind reading ability at his disposal for his guarantee that any culpable humans would be turned over to the law and not killed. In Living Dead in Dallas, Sookie must make good on her end. She is lent out to a coven in Dallas where a vampire has gone missing.

All clues lead to the an organization called The Fellowship of the Sun. When Sookie investigates with another human associated with the Dallas coven, she is betrayed, captured and almost raped. She is saved by Godric, a very old vampire who has decided to meet the sun. Once Sookie is freed, the Fellowship is raided by vampires. Sookie returns later to watch Godric die the final death.

When they return to Bon Temps, Sookie helps Andy Bellfleur clear his name by tracking down those who organize secret sex parties. When she does, she finds Lafayette’s murderers. The maenad kills the guilty parties and decides to leave. Somewhere in there, Eric gets a good smooch with Sookie.

Fun, light, highly-readable but pure fluff, I’ll burning through this series. I love putting the HBO characters into their book roles.


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