What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen (2011)

WhatHappenedtoGoodbyeSince her mother’s adultry split her family, seventeen-year-old McLean has been moving from town to town, attending four different schools in two years as her father retools failing restaurants than moves on. With each move, McLean reinvents herself, giving herself a new version of middle name, Elizabeth, and a new persona. Now at her fifth school, McLean’s true name and, eventaully, true self emerges and she makes friends at school and at Luna Blue, the restaurant her father is attempting to save.

I’ve enjoyed every Dessen book I’ve ever read so maybe it was inevitable I’d meet one I didn’t enjoy. This story felt forced, the reader was not to my liking and the dialog was corny and cliché much of the time. And for once, it wasn’t about a boy swooping in to solve the heroine’s problems. I was so looking forward to that. Instead, it was soemtimes (ok, mostly) painful listening. I’m just going to move on and looking ahead to Dessen’s next.

Library copy | Penguin Audio | Unabridged | ISBN 978-0142429402 | 9 sound discs | Ages 15+


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