Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi (2011)

Sailor MoonUsagi is a normal 14-year-old girl, albeit a little scatter-brained but a fun-loving, video game junkie and all around great friend nonetheless. Until she meets Luna, a black cat with a band-aid on her head. When Usagi (aka Bunny) rescues Luna from some tormentors and removes the band-aid, Luna recognizes her as Sailor Moon, the guardian of the Moon sworn to protect the Moon Princess and help retrieve the Legendary Silver Crystal. Yes, Luna is a talking cat. Dark forces are gathering in Tokyo and Sailor Moon must find the Legendary Silver Crystal before the bad guys do. She has help in the form of Sailor Mercury, aka Amy, a brilliant student and water manipulator.

I adore Sailor Moon. From the moment I saw it on USA Network back in 1996, I was hooked on this strange cartoon. The more I watched (and then read), the more I loved it. It has a complex backstory, endearing characters that mature, and some great romance! I was thrilled to learn it would be retranslated and reprinted in the US of A. And with gorgeous covers! Now, can we please see a more faithful dub of the anime and all 300 episodes subtitled. Please? Anyone? I believe the license is up for grabs!

Personal copy | Kodansha Comics | September 13, 2011 | Ages 9 + | 240 pages | ISBN 978-1935429746 | $10.99


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