Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol (2011)

anyas_ghost_vera_brosgolAnya is a Russian immigrant who has spent years assimilating – wearing the right clothing, concealing her accent, and basically blending so she isn’t teased. Lately, she has become obsessed with slimming down in the hopes of attracting an American boy – the school’s star basketball player to be exact.

She dodges Dima, a short, intellectual Russian immigrant who is bullied at school, and skips gym class tests to avoid embarrassment. When she falls down a well, she meets Emily, a ghost. Emily claims to have been murdered and the two strike up a friendship. But when Anya investigates, she finds Emily is not who she claims to be.

anyasghost-excerpt-16This was a quick, easy read. Graphic Novels are not my genre of choice but this was easy to follow. Panels weren’t cluttered and the story moved along quickly. It wasn’t the most original tale but because I haven’t read many graphic novels, I’m not sure how it compares. The following reviews are glowing:

Good Books and Good Wine
LA Times
Mother Daughter Book Club
NY Times
Opps… Wrong Cookie
Stacked Books

Library copy |  June 7, 2011| First Second | 224 pages | ISBN 978-1596437135 | $19.99


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