Blind Items by Kate McMurray (2011)

The whole mess began with my fluke television appearance (p 9).

Blind ItemsDrew Walsh is an openly gay columnist who has often criticised anti-gay politician Richard Granger. When he is assigned an interview with Granger’s possibly gay son, Jonathan, Drew knows he has a plum political piece. Immediately Drew knows the rumors are true. But Jonathan skirts the issue, calling an end to the interview when the questioning becomes uncomfortable. Against his better judgement, Drew finds himself attracted to the closeted Jonathan. When the two start dating, complications ensue.

This was a quick, easy read with some sexually explicit content. It was hard to see the relationship as anything more than physical when Jonathan didn’t seem to know himself. The tension here mirrored that in Tigers and Devils. One character is ‘out’ while the other is closeted and some external force (like a public career) prevents disclosure. It lacked the humor and witty bantor of Tigers and Devils, coming across as more melodramatic.

The political aspect was timely. I imagined Richard Granger as a Tea Party candidate.

NetGalley | July 29, 2011 | Dreamspinner Press | 195 pages | ISBN 978-1-61372-068-4 | $14.99


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