Eona by Alison Goodman (2011)

I did not want power over Ido. I did not want anything to do with him. Yet his final cry still stretched between us like the anchoring thread of a spider web (p 112).

EONA_jktmech-3.inddEona has shed her masculine disguise and claimed her dragon, the female Mirror Dragon. But it may be too late. The Emperor is dead. His brother and commander of the empire’s military, Sethon, has usurped the throne from his heir, Kygo, who has fled the palace.

Ido, Rat Dragoneye, is imprisoned and tortured by Sethon. Ido’s successor and the only other dragoneye still alive, Dillon, has fled with the Black folio containing valuable dragoneye secrets and a deadly spell.

Eona is a heafty tome best suited to readers who enjoy a fullsome book and an introspective narrator. It’s strength is in Eona’s conflicting feelings for Kygo and Ido. The Emporer, struggling to balance his duty to the kingdom with his feelings for Eona, is graceful, gentle and stately. Ido, with his ambition, cunning and wit, is very masculine. Each can offer something to Eona but both want much in return.


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