Clementine and the Family Meeting by Sarah Pennypacker (5/3/2011)

Our family-meeting places are the same as our regular places, except that my brother has figured out that whatever the meeting is about, he and I are on the same team, so he sits in my lap. This gives me hope for him (p 27).

ClementineEverything is N-O-T, not good. First, Clemetine sees the sign for a Family Meeting! posted and wonders what she has done to get in touble this time. Then her science project, a rat names Eighteen, goes missing. She loses her favorite hat and then, the worst news of all – her parents are having a baby!

If you’ve read any of my earlier reviews on this series, you know this girl named for a fruit has entwined herself around my heart. I love how she makes sense of the world around her.

Mrs. Resnick seemed nice, so I didn’t tell her the other bad news: that she had the wrong hair. Scientists were supposed to wild, sciece-y hair, and hers was just kind of normal supermarket-y, television-mother-y kind of hair. Probably she was embarrassed about that (p 7).

I aspire to the kind of parenting patience and wisdom Clementine’s parents routinely display. I want to see the world as Clemetine sees it. Simply brilliant writing and absolutely entertaining reading.

This is a review of an advance reader copy provided by the publisher, Hyperion Books, via NetGalley. Quotes are not final and may change.


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