A Seven Realms Novel: The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima (2011)

She’d never felt safer – she’d never felt more alive than when she lay dying in Han Alister’s arms (p152).

the_gray_wolf_throneThis is a review of an advance reader copy provided by the publisher, Hyperion, via NetGalley.

At the conclusion of The Exiled Queen, Raisa had escaped a kidnapping/forced marriage attempt by Micah Bayar while on route from the south to the Fells in the north. Han Alister and Amon were in pursuit. Raisa, the heir to the Gray Wolfe throne, had spent the last several months at school in the south. While there she and Han were once again thrown together and the two eventually began a romantic relationshp, albeit one based on lies.

In this next installment of The Seven Realms series, readers will follow Raisa on her perilous journey home to reclaim her title while wrestling power away from the Wizarding class, maintaining her independence from the Clan and proving to the common people of the Flatland that she is a monarch to be proud of.

Han will come to learn the truth about Raisa and must decide what he wants. The clan would kill him if they suspected his feelings for her while the wizard elite would just as soon remove Raisa from the throne should she throw in with a street thug like Han.

Still the assasination attempts continue. It seems like it will take a miracle to see Raisa to Queenhood.

This novel has a bit of a middle child feel as things take a turn for the political. I kept thinking, “If Gen were here he’d have this whole mess of who is doing what sorted out in a jiffy.” Raisa, however, has few people she can trust and so must rely on her own wits. Han continues to use Crow as a means to an end even after Crow’s identitiy as a powerful wizard is revealed. But this relationship is only touched on. I am sure it will play a much larger role in future books.

Fans will not be disappointed, only eager for the story to continue. The Seven Realms is turning out to be a well-plotted, immense world. I’m eager for more but not anxious for an end.

The Gray Wolf Throne has received a starred review from Kirkus.


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