The Books of Umber: The End of Time by P.W. Catanese (2011)

It was high noon, according to the ship’s glass, but the light was dim and diffused, and there were no shadows. The ship nudged forward under a single sail, in a gentle breeze that carried them toward the land of dragons (p 36).

booksofumberendoftimeHappenstance has promised Umber he will use his Meddler’s abilities to travel through time and space to save Umber’s world from destruction.

Unfortunately, Hap can’t control his abilities, and it’s been a while since he’s seen the filaments that foretell a person’s possible futures. And Umber has slumped into depression.

So Sophie – the artist and archer, Oates – who cannot tell a lie, Balfour – Umber’s right-hand man, Hameron – the dragon egg thief, and Hap drag Umber on an adventure to return Jewel – a baby dragon – and the unhatched eggs to the dragon’s haven, hoping it will pull Umber out of his slump.


Adventures abound in this final installment of the Books of Umber series. Avid fantasy readers will appreciate unique creatures, like Dendra (who gave me the Creeps), a carnivorous vine that acts as guardian and caretaker to a wizard .

Storylines converge as Hap realizes his potential and jumps through space to avoid the Executioner – a ghastly creature that hunts and kills Meddlers while collecting their eyes to absorb their powers – and to save the kingdom he calls home from the destructive forces of another world.

Top it all off with an emotional epilogue and you have one fantastic series.


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