A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner (2010)

Sounis turned to the magus. “He cannot think that I cared about my uncle?”
“I think he was delighted to see you safe,” said the magus, “and grieved that the next time you meet, it must be as king and king and not friends.”
“I hope that I will always be his friend,” said Sounis (p XVI).

conspiracy-of-kingsNow the Sounis is dead, Sophos, the gentle young man readers met in The Thief, is King of Sounis. He appears in Attolia without a penny to his name, dressed in rags and desperate to hail the King of Attolia without Mede intervention.

Sophos had been kidnapped, sold into slavery, and finally escaped to Attolia when we meet back up with him. A Conspiracy of Kings is really his story, though readers will delight in every interaction between Sounis and Attolis.

What Sounis, who is Sophos, lacks in cleverness, he makes up for in genuine emotion. While Sounis takes his cues from Eugenides, he lacks his friend’s carefully crafted expressions. So he turns that authenticity to his advantage, tricking his opponents as effectively as Eugenides, if not as gracefully.

It was wonderful to watch Sophos mature, to claim his inheritance, and to follow his own path to lordship. Of course, readers will not be surprised to find Eugenides is responsible for imperceptibly guiding Sophos to victory. Then again, Sophos was absolutely confident in his friends invisible aid. Another delightful read in The Queen’s Thief series.

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