The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner (2000)

“Your ambassador says your queen has accepted my right to have you hanged,” said Attolia. “But not to have you flogged to death, nor to have you hung upside down from my palace walls, not to have you starve to death in a cage in the courtyard. He says I mustn’t exceed the restraints of law and tradition. He says I might offend the gods, though he didn’t say which ones. I care very little for the opinion of any god, but I still think tradition might hold the best solution to my problems with you” (p 31).

thequeenofattoliaEugenides can’t seem to stay out of jail. After spying on the Queen of Attolia for some time, he gets caught. Enraged at being played with by Queen of Eddis’s Thief, Attolia punishes Gen harshly. Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Medes, Nahuseresh, attempts to insert himself into Attolia’s favor while inserting his Emporer’s army in her country. Eddis must protect her country from attack on one side from Attolia and on the other from Sounis.

Foresaken by his gods and in order to save his country, Eugenides must steal a man, a queen and peace.

Again, Turner sucks in her readers with great character interaction, excellent dialog, and intrigue  so flawlessly delivered that the reader doesn’t even realize he/she isn’t getting the full story. Eugenides will steal your heart.


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