The Exiled Queen: A Seven Realms Novel by Cinda Williams Chima (2010)

the-exiled-queenOk, I’m really not going to summarize when “The Book Smugglers” have done an excellent job of it already.

Like Kristin Cashore, Jonathan Stroud and Cornelia Funke, Cinda builds complex worlds (loved her Warrior/Wizard/Dragon Heir series) with complex characters, some clearly good, some evil but many falling somewhere on a scale. I have grown to love many of them.

I’m eager to read more about the Seven Realms, as Chima is clearly setting the stage for a lot more complex action. Chima’s characters, like those in John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice,  are so well drawn I feel like they are friends. Like I have a vested interest in their relationships. I find myself frustrated, elated and scared right along with them.

Apparently, there will be four books in the Seven Realms series; the final two being The Sword of Hanalea (Sept.-Oct. 2011) and The Gray Wolf Throne (Fall 2012).


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