Toby and the Secret of the Tree by Timothee de Fombelle (2010)

“The second and final part of the thrilling adventure of heroism and friendship in an unforgettable miniature world.Toby’s world is under greater threat than ever before. A giant crater has been dug right into the centre of the Tree, moss and lichen invade the branches, and one tyrant controls it all. Leo Blue, once Toby’s best friend, now his worst enemy, is holding Elisha prisoner, hunting the Grass People with merciless force, capturing all who stand in his way, inflicting a life of poverty and fear. But returning after several years among the Grass People, Toby will fight back. And this time he’s not alone. A resistance is forming…This eagerly anticipated sequel to the award-winning Toby Alone is a gripping conclusion to a new classic adventure story.” GoodReads

Toby and the Secrets of the TreeI read this book over vacation back in September and completely forget to post about it. The complex story introduced in Toby, Alone plays out in this beautifully told sequel, coming to a most satisfying end. When I read a children’s book this good, I lament the Newbery is awarded only to American authors. One of my favorite books of 2010.

This brings the total number of books read in 2010 to a modest 117.


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