All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab (2010)

Carly wasn’t just my girlfriend; she was my best friend. She changed my life. The shy, anxious, and lonely boy I used to be had grown confident because of her; I began to see value in myself because she saw value in me, and if all I had to do was ignore who she was becoming, well, that was something I was willing to do (p 126).

allunquietthingsNeily is a boy lost. Dumped by his girlfriend and first love, Carly, in a very public way, he needs closure. Carly opted for Adam Murray, the pinnacle of Brighton Day School’s rich and brilliant student body, and his fast and loose friends. A year later, Neily finds Carly murdered. There is a trial and a conviction. A man is in jail. The only problem is that Audrey, Carly’s cousin and best friend, is convinced it’s the wrong person – and not just because that person is her father.

Audrey and Neily make an unlikely pair, but the two set out to learn what really happened to Carly.

This is a brilliant book. It sucked me in immediately. In retrospect there was a lot of information to plow through, a lot of characters, and a lot of relationships. But it was clearly and cleverly revealed so I never felt overloaded with its complexity. A strong contender for a Printz!

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