Melonhead by Katy Kelly (2009)

“I’m going for a grown-up,” Sam hollered, and ran out of my sight.
“Make sure it’s a good one,” I shouted. Some grown-ups, like Mr. Pitt, the counselor at school, have a way of making things worse. Believe me, I know (p 6).

melonheadThis book had me laughing right away. Melonhead is always thinking up a new scheme, inventing. So when his teacher announces a reinventing contest (take materials that already exist and create something new from them), Melonhead (aka Adam) and his best friend Sam spend most of the book trying to reinvent something spectacular.

The story begins with Adam’s foot stuck in a tree. From this, we learn Adam has a special relationship with the people of the community and his parents. He is like the male equivalent of Clementine by Sarah Pennypacker, surrounded by people who support his creativity even though they sometimes find it exasperating.

What the boys reinvent with along they way gets them in a fair amount of trouble – and that’s not including the snake they find and then loose. Adam and Sam have that special humorous language that only best friends can have. You’ll love Melonhead for its fresh and funny take on the world of boys. A perfect book for third and fourth grade (reluctant reader) boys.

“Your foot has disappeared into a hole?”
“It’s more like a short tunnel that has no exit,” I said (p 7).


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