Zorgamazoo by Robert Paul Weston

zorgamazooIf the written word could walk, Zorgamazoo would traipse or skip. If the written word could speak, Zorgamazoo would gurgle in delight or snarl to scare you. If Dr. Suess had written a chapter book for children, it would have resembled Zorgamazoo.

Told in rhyme, this is a story that proceeds without a plan, and yet much is accomplished. It is the story of two unlikely friends, a young girl with spunk and imagination, Katrina Katrall, and Morty the Zorgal, a slacker.

Katrina is on the run from her cruel gaurdian,  Mrs. Krabone (or Krabby), who has threatened to lobotomize her after she insists she has seen a strange creature (Morty, in fact)!

“You listen to me. This lying must end.
When we get home, here is what I intend:
I will call up my friend, a Lobotomay Doc,
a talented man at the butchery block.

His scalpels are polished to shimmering shine.
He’ll slice from your eye to the top of your spine” (p 9).

The pair set out to discover what has happened to the Zorgals of Zorgamazoo, for they have disappeared without a trace.

A quick, fun read that takes odd turns: part Suess, part Spiderick Chronicles, part Swift (Jonathan Swift). Read the first chapter.


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